Ordering Home Cooked, Chef Quality Meals Right To Your Doorstep

Do you ever feel like your dinner menu has become a bit routine, eating the same dishes over and over?

Wouldn’t it be nice to never step foot into a grocery store while enjoying delicious chef quality meals right at home?

Well, In this short article I’m going to show you how to order delicious home cooked, chef quality meals right to your doorstep.

There are a ton of services on the market and more to come, but most of them follow a similar business model with a twist here and there.


Here’s How Meal Prep/Meal Delivery Services Like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron Work In General  :

You can choose what style of meals your into to start it off.

Each company has different meal plans with various options that will keep the pickiest of vegetarian’s pretty happy.

Green Chef has a ton of options including carnivore, vegetarian, paleo, pescetarian, and a bunch more!

Then you choose how many meals you need.

If you need to feed a couple, a family, or just yourself then there is a meal prep service that’s got you covered.

Each and every week you can go through the up coming menu to pick and choose the meals that suit you and your families needs which is always fun.

All the ingredients are sent in a 100% recyclable material along with a few ice packs to keep everything fresh til the second it reaches your doorstep.

The dinner is broken down into quick, actionable steps and for the most part you’ll be whipping up your chef quality meals within 60 minutes or less!

The best news of all is the food is delicious…

We’re talking about ingredients most of us would never think of using paired with delicious marinades and sauces that perfectly complement each dish and make your taste buds explode like never before.

The portions have yet to be an issue with any of the companies, but keep in mind we’re usually feeding just the two of us.

The price of each meal varies from company to company, and based on which meal plans you choose.

Obviously, plans that include meat will be more than the all vegetarian option but in general the price for each meal ranges from about $9 – 13.

After testing a few companies we have found that home cooked meals delivered right to our doorstep has accomplished a few things :

  • Anoosh has got off the couch and into the kitchen with a smile
  • Cooking has brought us together in the kitchen which is awesome. We make it fun.
  • Plus, we get to eat a range of different chef quality meals with ingredients we wouldn’t usually enjoy or even know what to do with! (parsnip in my potatoes? Who’da thought?!)

We highly suggest you check our top recommended meal delivery service and grab your 4 free meals while they’re still available..

If you have any questions feel free to contact us below, and if you have a second to click that share button we’d GREATLY appreciate it!